Unusual HVAC / AC / Heating setup — Best practise question

Hello everybody,

I recently migrated from Fibaro HC3 home automation, and I’m trying to map what I did in the previous system to HA.


  • LG central HVAC connected to HA with ThinQ integration (works)
  • I manage the central system based on average/min/max temp in the flat coming from different temp sensors. Also external temp / time of year is taken into consideration.
  • 3 output valves managing ventilation output in 3 separate rooms (each valve works only with opened / closed states)
  • One hvac input pipe in the central space of the flat. It allows air circulation (hvac unit > output in room → input in central cpace → hvac unit). There is no monitoring / control on that. It always has to be opened
  • 3 windows sensors, one in each room, reporting status (opened / closed window)
  • 3 doors sensors, one in each room, reporting status (opened / closed window)

How I did that in Fibaro (if that’s not relevant to answer, ignore it)

Each room had its own automation with fixed target temperature values (for example cool to 23C heat to 21C). In Fibaro trigger can also be a condition at the same time, so for example opening doors was a trigger to check if valve should be stated (if all other triggers / conditions were also met).

What I tried

My questions

  • What would be the best approach to have full automated control of heating / cooling in each room?
  • How to implement day / night settings on top of the main (upper) question?
  • How to implement maintenance mod on top of the main (upper) question? (I need a button, that will lock whole system regardless of temperature sensors input into heating / or ventilation for 10 min, and after that will rollback to general working mode)

Thanks For all answers!