Unusually high used storage on Home Assistant Green

I’m new here. I installed an Home Assistant Green 1 month ago.

Everything looks fine except the storage usage. I didn’t installed so much add-on integration (Z-wave, Zigbee, Matter, mqtt, Frigate…). But the used storage is already about 60%.

df command line indicates that 16GB is used of the 24GB available (why not 32GB?).

But du command shows only used 8GB.

What did I miss?

EDIT: I can upload only one screenshot.

df result:

du result:

BTW, you can see the evolution of the disk space usage (with System Monitor):

I’ve just discovered that the size of /homeassistant/home-assistant.1.log was 8.4GB.
I restarted Home Assistant and returned to a normal situation with 28% of used space.

But I still don’t understand where the 7GB of data is.

I believe you are using the HA terminal add-on … which is only giving you access to the HA data folders

I understand that HAOS is a trimmed down Linux with Docker, and the HA GUI is designed to hide all the messy details from us … which is great, until it isn’t :wink:

You’re absolutely right. Thanks for pointing it out!