Unwriteable parameter and Send BASIC ON Command (Steinel Z-Wave Interface v 1.0.0)

I have a Steinel is 140-2 sensor device that controlls a light via motion detection.
This device supports the Steinel Z-Wave Interface v 1.0.0.
10322_Z-WAVE_module_Specification_05_2017.pdf (steinel.de)

The specification includes parameters for different timeouts. If the relay is triggered via the motion sensor, it switches off after 3 minutes. If I switch the relay via HomeAssistant, I would like to switch it on permanently or at least for several hours.

It seems that parameters 10 and 11 are there for just that purpose.

I’d like to set a timeout for these parameters, but HA doesn’t allows any input for parameter 10 and 11: Cfg_screen|564x500

Does anybody know why I cant set those parameters? I’m using the default ZWaveJS integration.

Additionally, the spec says the other TimeOut is triggered by BASIC_ON Command? How do I send this command? Is this the default command when I switch the device via HA? Or do I have to send it manually?

THX in advance

Have you tried re-interviewing the device?

Good hint!
I just did a re-interview, unfortunately that didn’t change anything.
Tomorrow I will remove the device completely and include it again. Maybe that will help.

Post the device diagnostic file.

Sorry for the late reply, too much work at the moment :roll_eyes:
Today I tried to exclude and include the device but it seems too far away from my Aeotec stick (it’s in the basement) and I don’t know if ex/include works over the meshnet? Maybe I’ll take the stick outside and use the stick’s built-in function. But does that make a difference compared to the re-interview?

Here is the diagnostics file:[diagnostics](dpaste/v0APq (JSON)](dpaste/v0APq (JSON))

Thx in advance