UPB Intergration How to deactivate a light link? Only activate works

New to HA, had UPB Spud plugin working on Homeseer for 10 years, moved UPE file over with about 30 UPB devices. I have a bunch of light switches on the dashboard that toggle fine to turn lights on/off and a bunch of UPB links listed under Scene.

The links listed under Scene only allow ACTIVATE if I click on in, and it turns on the light but I don’t see anyway to DEACTIVATE the link to turn off the light. How is deactivate accomplished? Thanks for any help.

With the following service call:

upb.scene_deactivate upb.link_deactivate


Having said that, on my system the service call’s name is upb.link_deactivate. I don’t think I ever noticed the discrepancy between what is described in the documentation and on my system (“link” vs “scene”).

Go to Developer Tools > Services, type upb. in the Service field and it will list all UPB- related service calls. Let me know if it uses the word “link” or “scene”.


Just checked a script I created a long time ago and I had definitely used upb.link_deactivate to turn off a scene representing all interior lights. Not sure why the docs describe upb.scene_deactivate unless that was its original, or intended, name when the UPB integration was initially created.


Just checked the integration’s code and it’s definitely upb.link_deactivate which means the documentation needs correction. Perhaps during the integration’s development it was “link” but the intent had been to rename it to “scene” for the release version but it never happened.

Taras, thank you for reaching out to me. This is what I see upb.link_deactivate (I’m not sure if you can see the below png image I captured.

I need to better explain my problem, all of my individual switches installed correctly and have sliders to turn on/off, they all start off with the name light. I have 3 Simply Automated US2-40 switches that have 1 top rocker switch and 4 small button switches. The only ones I can control are the 2 rockers and 1 button which controls the local light (local control programmed shows up as a light in HA).

The other buttons control links as programmed in Upstart and when pressed manually they work but they only show up as Scenes in HA (on the automatic dashboard) with the ability to Activate by pressing the link highlighted , this turns on the light but no way to shut off and these do not show up as an option to select when I try to create an automation. Perhaps this plug in does not support SA US2-40

this is what appears on the dashboard for the ones that don’t come over as lights

this is the switches that come over as lights