Upcoming weather

Just got myself a new place and have several Juliet balconies that we occasionally accidentally forget to shut when it’s raining… What I’m looking to do is put some aqara contact sensors on these and to get an alert if rain is expected in the next couple of hours to remind us to shut them.

No problem with the detecting if open part but I can’t seem to find a way of knowing if rain is expected at my postcode within the next 1 - 3 hours, mainly due to not being able to get a dark sky API key anymore.

Any suggestions on where I can get that upcoming hourly weather data from that I can then use as part of the automation?

Interested to see what you guys think is most accurate too (UK based) I’ve got accuweather, the default and met office at the moment. Just had a big downpour shower and accuweather was the only one that actually caught it. The built in default seemingly the least accurate so far.