Update 2021.9.6. Why so many updates?

Ik always tried to keep my system up to date.
But,after every new version eveey time so many updates. I think i Will wait to update… It doesn’t give me a good feeling. Is it not tested Well enough? Or why are updated not grouped?

I can see only your feelings and thoughts but no data point supporting this.

This is an open source project and it is almost impossible to test all the integrations (as they require different hardware dependencies), it is acceptable to have couple of issues here and there. Regular updates create a mechanism to keep things fixed

Among other reasons, beyond fixes that were not caught during beta testing (they could always use more testers, btw!), they may release updates to core when integrations have been updated due to external changes (e.g. a vendor might change its API in a breaking way). If they didn’t release a fix for these asap, you would have to wait up to nearly a month to receive the fix. Discovered security vulnerabilities are also fixed asap. I always read the release notes carefully and update when I think it’s necessary for MY installation - e.g. if I want a new feature, need a fix, or any time security improvements are needed. I don’t blindly update without carefully reading the release notes and related forum threads and considering if there appear to be any breaking changes I’ll need to address and the time they might require that I’d need to set aside.

I would much rather things get fixed when required rather than wait for a future release to have the fixes all grouped together. The ability to release fixes quickly and often is powerful.

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It’s tested by volunteers. So if you volunteer to test it then it may help to reduce the number of patch releases. It may even give you a “good feeling”.


I know what you mean, i dont update every single one, as long as it works dont need to update it. I only update when it got something new that i like or i bought new device that need new version or waiting for some bug fix from me existing device. Even then I got a virtual HA i update first making sure all breaking changes all works before i snapshot it back to the main HA, that way i dont have a long down time during trouble shooting.

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Also, as kind of mentioned above if it doesn’t apply to you… don’t update. I read the release notes and if it pertains to an integration I use or am having trouble with I update. But I am pretty sure if your house was broken you would be mad it they made you wait a month for the fix.

at the bottom is every patch and what it fixes… if you do not use those integrations ignore the updates until the next major release

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