Update all selection

When selecting update all have a list to select which devices to update or select all button.

If you want to select which devices to update manually then what is the difference between that and the normal buttons?

Because to update all is a process you can just set running and come back later to see results, updating individually means clicking each one in turn and waiting for each to update before clicking the next one. Sometimes you may have one you don’t want to update because of a breaking change or something.


I don’t ever update mine so I never use any of those buttons

Security is worth the the time. You never know if there is a potential exploit that can be used to gain access to your network. These devices do contain wireless radios after all.

Yes they are all within my network. So how do you access them when they are not connected to the internet and have no real means to do so?

I do update things that matter. But an ESP-Home device does not matter.
The risk of bricking them is far larger than the risk of someone trying to hack them.

use this script to update all, put it on your dashboard for a single button click.

Change the script.notify to whatever your notification service is.

And change the message in the variables section to whatever you want.

Exploits may not always be limited to connections from your internal network. I agree the risk is low, but why take any risk at all. FWIW, I upgrade every month and have never had a device get bricked. And even if it was, a quick flash via USB would fix it.

Just my opinion, you do you.

If the device is connected to your network then the it can’t connect to anything else.

No it won’t.
You will have to reload your HA install to the previous version when it worked and then flash it.
Hopefully the device will connect to HA even though it will have another version than what is on HA, if it doesn’t then you need to connect it with cable and that usually means you will get a new device.

No, you can reflash without HA using a USB. There’s even an online flasher.

But you still need to roll back the ESP-Home version in order to be able to compile to the previous version.
If your ESP-Home version is 2024.4 then you can’t compile a binary with 2024.3

This is why you can restore an addon backup, to make this easier.

:fire: Flame On! :fire:

The online flasher has tools to do that though. It’s been a while since I’ve used it, but the first time I used it I didn’t need to compile anything. I’m fairly sure it even accepts YAML configurations.

And what are you going to do after that?
Not update ESP-Home again? Or leave that device on the old version and update all the other.

Show me what you are talking about.
That would be a very welcome feature, but I have never seen that.


This is a forum to seek help on any issues you may encounter. You also have the ability to submit an issue on github.

In my experience with other software, the longer you wait to upgrade, the more likely you are to run into issues. It’s better to upgrade voluntarily and when you have the time then when you are forced to when something is depricated and/or no longer works and you end up scrambling with things not working.

I’ve only ran into 1 issue when updating esphome. Esphome itself worked fine, but the binaries kept failing to build because of configuration changes. Took roughly 3 minutes to figure that out and push the update.

There are times when I just skip the update too. That’s what’s nice about having actionable notifications about updates.