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Every time there is a new ESPHome update, I have 65 devices marked “Update available”, and the nuisance yellow oval on “Settings” as well as the useless list of updates on the Settings page.

Since I can’t NOT get the update notices, I could just click on “Update All” then go to lunch. But that presents new problems because “Update All” tries to update the device wirelessly. I want more granular control over that because invariably two or three of my devices won’t update wirelessly and are bricked from OTA. This means dismantling the device to flash it manually.

So, when selecting “Update All” I would like to have the option of updating wirelessly or manual updates This way the annoying “Update Availables” go away and if and when I revisit the device in the future, I can edit/install the latest firmware.

Please submit ESPHome feature requests here:

I would advise you to search open and closed requests for this first. It very likely already exists.

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