Update/Change Unifi Connection Configuration

To add Unifi Integration, you must provide connection details…I did that and it works…But now I need to UPDATE those connection details. How is this done? I can’t seem to find any option using the frontend OR in any YAML file. Can someone help?

I really DO NOT want to have to delete the integration and re-add it just in order to update connection details. I have entity configuration here which I’d rather not have to redo.

Are you saying you want to repoint the integration to a different Unifi controller address?

Yes, really any of the connection details. The address, username, or password. Any help help appreciated, thanks.

You only have two options and neither are very good.

The first and safest option is to delete the integration and start over. It sucks but it’s the only real “officially supported” option at the moment. The author of the integration has stated he’ll be working on fixing that in the future.

I have mitigated the effects of that by making sure i set the device names in the Unifi controller so that when they get discovered they result in being correct in HA. Then all I have to do is just go thru the auto-discovered devices and disable the ones I don’t want to track.

the second option that is completely unsupported and highly recommended against doing is going into the .storage/core-config file and manually editing the details in there.

Again, not recommended because it has a high likelihood of bricking your HA if you screw up the syntax. It won’t be un-recoverable if you either can fix the mistake or even better save a backup of that file to restore from if you screw it up.

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