Update denonavr in Hassbian

Can anyone tell me how to update the denonavr component to the latest in Hassbian?

I am having the spammed errorlog issue which I have been told is fixed in the latest, yet a fresh install of hassbian does not seem to fix.

HASS auto-updates the denonavr library when you upgrade HASS and someone updates the component to do so.

Do you want to run a version of denonavr that is different than the designated one by HASS?

I wanted to run the latest version which is newer then th HASS build as there is an issue with it spamming the error log with unrecognised sound errors. I can wait but if there was an easy way…

You can edit the denonavr file under the components directory. It’ll be buried somewhere in there. There is a line that specifies the version of the pypi module. Just edit the version number and restart hass.

found this I will give a try as has denon avr in the release notes. fingers crossed: