Update dont work 0.101.2


I am trying upgrade from 0.100.3 to 0.101.2 but when i update and the hassio reboot and i check the version still on 0.100.3.
Anyone have one idea to solve this problem???


Troubleshooting 101: inspect your logs to see why it failed.

I’m having similar issues. Waiting for it to come back up right now so I can check the logs after an attempted update

Any luck??

I had same issue - then after rebooting homeassistant image - I see it started but no http port (8123) is opened. In logs - there is no errors related to that. docker image upgraded to homeassistant 0.101.2
Still trying to figure it out

My problem was that I was still using api_password - after commenting out - now I have 0.101.2