Update failed for the first time ever?

I have been running Home Assistant on an Intel NUC for a year. Quite happy with the performance.
The NUC is running Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS Desktop and Docker 19.03.13.

I noticed in the supervisor/dashboard that an update was availale. Click on update. Only to be told that I am running an unsupported installation:

You are running an unsupported installation.
Network Manager
Operating System

I rebooted the host and the update worked, but Supervisor/System is still saying that “You are running an unsupported installation.”

What has changed? HA has been running for many months with no issues until now.

A lot of recent posts on this Steve - Ubuntu is now ‘unsupported’ (actually this has been the case for a while ) but additionally HA supervisor now blocks updates. I have a lot of apps installed on my NUC so I have now relegated HA to another lower power platform ‘Blue’ where it can happily live in its own little ‘supported’ world. Shame but it didn’t want to play with others.

Aside from Ubuntu being unsupported, that version of Ubuntu uses a version of Network Manager (1.10) that is below the minimum required by Supervisor (1.14).

You can’t upgrade it officially because 1.10 is he latest official version for Ubuntu 18.04.5. There is a later release available but it comes from an unofficial repository.

I faced the same issue and, as an interim solution, upgraded to Ubuntu 20.04.1 which contains Network Manager 1.22. It fixes the problem with the unsupported version of Network Manager but not, of course, the unsupported Operating System.

To put an end to all the ‘unsupported’ messages, I bought an SSD and installed Debian 10.

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This makes no sense at all. Especially because Home Assistant is in a Docker container. I thought that containers was supposed to end issues like this.

Is my only solution to buy another NUC and install Debian on it? I love the NUC and won’t ever depend on the Raspberry Pi again for Home Assistant. The difference is Ferrari vs Skateboard. Node-Red deploys take, for example a couple of seconds. HA restart takes about ten seconds.

So, what is your SSD mounted on?

I’ve also moved from lubuntu 18 to Debian 10.
Was a simple process.
I also thought the docker layer was supposed to prevent these issues but apparently not

It’s my understanding that it’s not a requirement for Home Assistant but for the Supervisor. None of this unhealthy/unsupported stuff happens with Home Assistant Container. It’s based on Docker as well but has no Supervisor.

On a 9-ish year-old laptop. Which is an upgrade from its predecessor, an 11-ish year-old laptop. Both were freebies which is the sweet-spot of my price range.