Update firmware NabuCasa_Yellow_EZSP_v7.3.1.0 -> to ->


I have a Yellow HA and I use the internal Silicon Labs radio. The FW is in

I wanted to update to I followed the instructions on the official page Flash Silicon Labs radio firmware manually Flash Silicon Labs radio firmware manually · NabuCasa/silabs-firmware Wiki · GitHub, everything went well, the update was done normally without error. I even restarted a second time to be sure that it was up to date and I was able to confirm that it was the case since after the test, it did not want to do an update again since the version was already installed.

I rebooted the Yellow box.

Then I went to see the bridge version in MQTT and there I noticed that it was still in (see screenshot below).

I did the whole procedure again and it tells me that it is indeed that is installed.

My question is therefore: am I looking in the right place? Was this update done correctly or not?

Any idea what I could do?

Thanks for your help.