Update firmware on Tuya Zigbee bulbs without a Tuya hub

Hi everyone,

I recently got a pair of Zigbee 3.0 RGBW bulbs from AliExpress mostly because I wanted the E14 socket, the Zigbee protocol (also to be used as routers) and the low price (the Hue E14 are really expensive).

I am running HA on a RPi 4 and my Zigbee network is with ZHA and a Sonoff CC2531 coordinator.

I noticed that the bulbs are acting a bit awkward when using the sliders and the changing color wheel. They don’t respond to the colors I select and I have to move the brightness slider for them to change color.

Does anyone know if the firmware on such bulbs can be upgraded in hope of fixing such issues? Do I need a Tuya hub for this?

Thank you

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that might just be the bulb…

I have a few yeelight colour bulbs - at low brightness/colour temp, the colours are not very accurate…

I too have 2 Yeelights but they are nowhere near the quality of the Tuya E14 ones (the Yeelights are better).

I don’t know if a firmware update would solve the hectic behaviour of the Tuya ones but I would like to try before I ditch them.

I have wifi tuya devices, and the app sometimes offers firmware upgrades. And ikea Zigbee devices support firmware upgrades.

Question here, is how to do it here… assuming they are available (no idea on both - sorry)