Update firmware on UZB


I have a Z-wave.me UZB stick that I have been running for 4+ years and not thought much about until recently when I wanted to do a backup of the stick. I got the z-wave.me Zway software to do a backup, and as I understand it, it contains all data to be able to replace the stick in case of failure.

However, this software is also able to update the firmware and with the old openzwave it wouldn’t be any use since it used such old zwave version but are there any benefits to update the firmware of the stick now with ZwaveJS? I run the zwavejs2mqtt addon (with mqtt disabled) and all is working good at the moment.

Can this take advantage of the newer SDK versions a firmware update would bring? I currently am running on SDK 6.51.09 (version 5.07 on the stick)

Is there any risk of losing all the data on the stick? I have some 30+ nodes on there.


It’s probably a question better suited for the Z-Wave.me forums ( https://forum.z-wave.me/ )
but with that said, I’ve updated my RaZberry a few times with no lost data/nodes and I think they share the same chip/design/firmware overall just different packaging.

Then again - if it works, don’t fix it :wink:

Additionally, if you look at the changelog of the firmware updates, a lot of it is just additional functionality for Z-Way, something you wouldn’t use unless you decide to skip OpenZwave / ZWaveJS for an Z-Way >> MQTT integration with HA.

The new firmware on UZB supports new SDK versions of Z-wave, would this not help run my network better?

Can Z-wave JS take advantage of the new SDK version of Z-wave?



I updated the firmware to the latest 5.39 (SDK: 6.82.01) and it went without issue with all data intact.
Z-wave JS does not seems to take advantage of the new version as I cannot see any different data from the interviewing process on the controller.

How did you do the update? Could you make a short guide?



could you provide brief instructions on how to upgrade. I’ve tried following the support forums instructions, but get stuck with running the command :

./ZMESerialUpdater serialapi_uzbupdate -d /dev/ttyAMA0 -b bootloader_UZB_from_05_05_to_7278_2MB.bin -f firmware_UZB_from_05_05_to_05_06.bin



I am sorry but I can´t remember the steps I did 1 year ago but I don´t remember any problems with the steps on the website. You have to flash the firmware in the correct order to be able to advance.


Hi Matte,

thanks for updating.

I managed to update both bootloader and firmware last night, installing z-way from the z-way website, and connecting the uzb stick to my computer. Going through expert interface:

Z-Wave Expert UI

and there’s an option to update both the bootloader and firmware (where its necessary) - needed to apply one bootloader updates, and a couple of firmware updates and I now appear to be up to date.

In order to ensure that this was successful, home assistant pi was shutdown from the interface so that there were no issues with pulling out the controller, and on re-starting, issues which I’ve been plagued with over the last week, about my z-wave network were resolved. I was expecting to continue with the nightmare, but all was working and back to being responsive again :slight_smile:

Hope this helps someone,

I’ve just completed updating as well :slight_smile: