Update for HA notified -> CPU Load increases significantly, Version API/Cloud not reachable. Supervisor silent update?

Yesterday i observed a really strange behavior:
The Moment i got an Update-Notification for the new HA Update to 2023.04.0, the CPU Load increased noticable for roughly 10 Hours.

As i suspected a Networking Error (See Screenshot, several Networking Components beeing unreachable), i restarted the AdGuardHome-Addon.

That first made it better, but Load increased again unnormal high after a regulary scheduled HA-Backup.
Now, 10 Hours later, everything seems to be back normal.

I have no Clue what the Cause is - how is it possible that an Update Notification for Home Assistant results in such a CPU Increase?

I am Running Home Assistant OS on core-2023.3.6
(Wait - i am pretty sure i never installed anything the last Week. Are there forced Installations going on?!)
I do have a Log, but as they are (of course) reeeally long i chose not to post it first :slight_smile:

It makes me really nervous, that a central System shows this behaviour, when a simple Update is available.
Does anyone have an Idea what was going on, and how to prevent this in the Future?
What is going on with that Supervisor-Thing? Is it really silently installing without any User Interaction?