Update from 115.2 --> 116.4 fails "Temporary failure in name resolution"

Running Homeasstant on a Ubuntu server with plenty of space.
name resolution is working fine on the host and the docker containers and i still have plenty of space left on the device.

Im clicking on the UPDATE button under Supervisor

Does anyone recognize this issue or have any idea on how to proceed?

20-10-19 18:23:26 INFO (SyncWorker_3) [supervisor.docker.interface] Update image homeassistant/qemux86-64-homeassistant:0.115.2 to homeassistant/qemux86-64-homeassistant:0.116.4

20-10-19 18:23:26 INFO (SyncWorker_3) [supervisor.docker.interface] Pull image homeassistant/qemux86-64-homeassistant tag 0.116.4.

20-10-19 18:23:34 ERROR (SyncWorker_3) [supervisor.docker.interface] Can’t install homeassistant/qemux86-64-homeassistant:0.116.4 -> 500 Server Error: Internal Server Error (“Get https://registry-1.docker.io/v2/: dial tcp: lookup registry-1.docker.io: Temporary failure in name resolution”).

20-10-19 18:23:34 WARNING (MainThread) [supervisor.homeassistant.core] Update Home Assistant image failed