Update from Home Assistant to Hassio?

Hi guys, just wondering how I go about upgrading from HA to Hassio? I’m guessing it’s better to get onboard with Hassio sonner rather than later!

I’ve installed hassio, figured out that almost every script that was a bit custom wasn’t supported, or badly suoported, and I went back to the standard Home Assistant a week after.

Total loss of time.

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Fair enough!

I’m reasonably new to HA anyway so don’t have that much in ways of things being customised or advanced. Might just stick with HA then until it becomes better.


I recommend to move to hass.io.
I have been using HA for 6 months or so and I have Xiaomi zigbee stuff which until version 50.0 required a custom component.
When 0.50 came out and Xiaomi is now supported natively I moved to hass.io.
It was very very easy, but I recommend that you do not erase your working HA set up until you have hass.io working.

Here is what I did:

  1. Back up HA config from your working HA
  2. Install hass.io (for me I followed the “generic linux” install procedure)
  3. Check HA is working with blank config. You might see your auto-discoverable components start to show up (e.g. Hue, media players etc)
  4. Install the hass.io Samba addon - you should now be able to open your config dir via shared folders.
  5. Copy your old config into the config dir. For me this included custom stuff in the www dir (floorplan etc).
  6. Restart HA. It should all be working as before.

Basically the way i did it although I went from an old Mac Mini to a Pi3.

One important thing to remember if you have turned off Discovery in your original configuration.yaml, as I think most do about five minutes after starting with HA, you’ll either need to re add it or just add hassio: or you’ll lose hassio in the left menu.

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You should read the release notes! This is a first beta and is not intended to be used in production. So, no, it WILL NOT WORK AS YOUR STABLE RELEASE. This is for debugging only. It requires more work and testing and documentation. But these are normal software testing steps that hopefully will lead to a stable release thanks to all the guys that are working on this and not to all who only ctiticise without even saying thanks.

I would not describe hass.io as an upgrade when you lose functionality for simplicity. I was told that you can’t sudo.

I don’t think hassio was conceived as an upgrade, it is a new option for running your HA flavored OS. I haven’t yet study resinos deeply but you don’t have the sudo command because you are root and it seems tonrun everything as root. I think the catch is that beeing self containers blocks it is supposed to be secure. But someone that knows resinOs may explain it better.

Rubbish, it’s was officially launched on July 25 and is very much intended as a stable release…albeit all us everyday users will find problems that the months of beta testing didn’t.

For me it’s been rock solid day to day, just a few crease to iron out like occasionally needing a kick to get HA to restart.

Yeah Right!! Stable!!!, I’ve just updated to the new release and now the state buttons doesn’t change! plus mqtt lights are not showing on the dashboard even when using mosquito_pub actually did turned on that light! Please!

The buttons thing, at least, is a hass (not hassio) issue with iOS/safari browsers. It’s reported in a number of other threads.
Bare hassio with no addons is no different than running standard hass docker image… if hass has a problem then so will hassio.

Thanks its good to know about it!

No less stable than any other form of HA, perhaps you’re suffering from user error as you obviously don’t read the release notes you like to claim others don’t :+1:

Also if you are concerned about stability don’t install releases on day 1. Wait a week or so for any bugs to be found and fixed in a dot release…

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Yeah that should be it!

@hijinx I’m starting from scratch with hass.io. I’d really like to install floorplan specifically. I’m delighted that someone else got it working on hass.io. Can you tell me where the www folder in home assistant should map to in hass.io specifically? Should I just dump everything in the Samba config folder, or make a subfolder for ‘www’? (Google search results aren’t yielding anything useful - only HA forums with other people asking the same question!)

You need to make a www dir in config dir.
In this www dir goes the files from https://github.com/pkozul/ha-floorplan/tree/master/www/custom_ui

So your dir structure is:

config -> www -> custom_ui etc

Hot diggity dog! Thanks!

I did and the custom UI is not showing

Did you add the panel iframe

  - name: floorplan
    sidebar_title: Floorplan
    sidebar_icon: mdi:home
    url_path: floorplan
    config: !include floorplan.yaml

or fake mqtt sensors

  - platform: mqtt
    state_topic: dummy/floorplan/sensor
    name: Floorplan
      custom_ui_state_card: state-card-floorplan
      config: !include floorplan.yaml

per the instructions?