Update functionality won't work


I’ve some questions about the update functionality of home assistant.

Since a few weeks I can’t update home assistant core from the GUI. I have to update HA in the terminal.

I’ve installed “Version” integration and it works fine and it tells me that an update is available- but if I go to the settings Menu and click on the three points for check for new updates, it tells me that there is no update available. Also If I go to the Settings menu->System->Updates it tells me that is no update available.

In the developer tools I can find the sensor.home_assistant_version = 2022.5.1 and the binary_sensor.home_assistant_version_update_available = on.

But if I understand correctly, there should also be an update.home_assistant_core_update entity and update.home_assistant_operating_system_update entity show up in the developer tools? But there are only update entitys from my HACS integrations. Where How do I get the update entities for home_assistant_core?

My setup:

Home Assistant Core 2022.5.0
Home Assistant supervisor 2022.05.0
Home Assistant OS 7.6
Kernel Version 5.10.108
Home Assistant Blue / Odroid-N2