Update HA Core - Automations only Start Boy pressing button „run Action“

Hi all,

Today I updated my system to HA 6.2 and supervisor 5.13.
My HA still detects all devices, but my devices dont react on automations.
For Example: In floor I have a motion detector…
When he (Hue Indoor) detects me, a red light is flashing shortly from the Detektor, but all lights remain off.
If I go via HA App to the automation and run it manually all lights turn on.

Do you have an idea to solve this issue?


Automations now have a friendly debugger.

I have recognized that its a issue with the USB Ports of my Raspi 4.

I tested the port with a usb device Stick on which a lamp is turning on when connected.
The lamp turns on for a milisecond while pushing it in. When the stick is inserted the lamp is off.

I think the usb Ports are still OK, but for some reason the turn off immediately when they realize a Connection.
It would be very strange, when all 4 Ports would be damaged at the same time.

Do you have an idea what to do?!

What exactly is it you have plugged into your USB port?

I use the conbee 2 Stick.

For test purposes I inserted a conventional USB memory Stick.

The stick is possibly experiencing interference being so close to the computer. Try a USB extension cable and place the stick away from the computer.

Okay Guys, you will Not believe what I am telling you now.

After your Message I ordered an Extension cable USB TO USB.

At last I Plaggen in my Test-Usb Stick and my Conbee. Suddenly the light on my Test-Stick was shining and I had a Connection to the conbee!!

Okay, my assumption was that USB is just working when I plug in two devices at the same time.

Today the new extension cable arrived and I plugged in my conbee.
As you can expect…… nothing is working now anymore, even when I go back to the last setup (conbee + Test-USB plugged in).

Now I really have no idea how to solve this Problem. The only thing I could imagine is a loose contact, because the light still flashes shortly when I plug in the stick.

I plugged the Test USB Stick around 10-20x in and out until in Finally was shining and Not just flashing.
I think the USB Ports of the raspi are defect. What do you mean?

I think you should debug by studying dmesg and what devices are being created on each plug in of the device, and whether they are properly deleted after an unplug.