Update HA on armbian/bionic

I have an oprangepi with Armbian Bionic/Linux 5.4.28-sunxi/Ubuntu 18.04.4. I installed HA via pip3 install homeassistant as described here: https://www.home-assistant.io/docs/installation/armbian/ So far so good, awesome tool.

What does HA update process look like? Is it apt update && apt upgrade or I need to do something with pip3?

The hass --open-ui step from the setup link above produced a lot of content in ~/.homeassistant, how does this get updated?

Immediate problem I am having now is Xiaomi Air Purifier 3 not working with HA (probably not fixable ever because of new API) and there are modules update on github/etc and it is often mentioned there are pull requests and I wonder what do I do to have the most recent HA?

Sorry if this was asked/described but I could not spot it quickly. Thanks,

See here. The guide you linked also linked here with more detailed instructions.

thanks for the prompt response!
what about that constant complain about python too old? says it uses 3.6 and wants 3.7, I installed 3.7 (but did not make it default as this breaks apt), what can I do about this?

You’ll have to rebuild the venv with Python 3.7 - though you’re better off installing Python 3.8 and rebuilding the venv with that.

Follow this guide after you install Python 3.8, and where it says python3 use python3.8, where it says pip3 use pip3.8

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Every time I upgrade HA, I get a message that my pip is too old (pip-20.2.4), use the newer one (22.0.3). I update it but then HA says it is too new and downgrades it. Recently HA started saying “switch to 3.9” (I was on 3.8) but the pip issue is still there.

I wonder if this is totally expected or my venv is screwed in some way?