Update HA OS from 5.9 to 5.10 (RPi4 64Bit) not working

I have the update notification in my Supervisor Dashboard to update to OS 5.10.

When I click the update button the log output in the System tab shows that it is downloading the new update. The Pi reboots then when it comes back up, it says its still running 5.9 and there is an update to 5.10. I have tried this about 4 times and it happens every time. just seems like its stuck in a loop almost.

My Pi is headless so i haven’t plugged it into a monitor yet to watch the output at boot. If needed i will do so. Just wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing the same behavior.

I also have my install on a SSD plugged in via a USB 3.0 adapter, boots from SD card. (If this makes a difference)

Watch the supervisor log after you initiate the update. Mash that refresh button.

This is what i get just before connection is lost bc of the reboot.

The plot thickens. I think my SD card might be on its way out.

Was the SD Card that failed. Took this opportunity to flash the updated bootloader (https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/hardware/raspberrypi/booteeprom.md) to the Pi4 in Raspian to allow USB booting. Then, i flashed the Hassio image to a SSD. Now booting completely FROM SSD, no SD Card inserted. Restored latest snapshot and I didn’t miss a beat