Update Home Assistant in Germany not working

Hi Home Assistant Community,

many people in Germany (including me) have problems downloading stuff from github because the download speed is close to zero. After a little research, I figured that this can easily be solved by using a VPN outside of Germany. Indeed, I downloaded Home Assistant OS in couple of seconds. However, now I want to update but my Raspi is not behind a VPN, therefore the download speed is terrible and after a while the update fails.
In my mind, the simplest way would be to download the file behind a VPN, transfer the file to my Raspi and tell Home Assistant to use this file. However, I found nothing on how to do this. I guess it might be enough to put the file into the correct folder and hit the update button but if this is the case I have no clue where to put it.

Thanks for any help

Why is that? Is it only github?

If you run anything other than the Core install method, there shouldn’t be any use of GitHub other than for custom components.

Home Assistant OS updates are hosted in GitHub releases

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Seems to be a T-Online issue specifically for github. Using a VPN even within Germany solves the problem.

20-12-17 18:49:21 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.hassos] Fetch OTA update from https://github.com/home-assistant/operating-system/releases/download/5.8/hassos_rpi3-5.8.raucb

Stuck here. I can download manually via VPN. Can I just put the file to the location Home Assistant would download it, it the download button and Home Assistant sees that it is already downloaded and starts the update? Or at least something around those lines?