Update Limitlessled/Milight Component V6 Bridge (iBox)

The new bridge for limitlesled and milight is out! The new developer information is published today (http://www.limitlessled.com/dev/) . Is it possible to update the limitlessled component?

I see forward to use my new bridge with HA.

Thanks in advance :smiley:


Yes! I would even like to help make this myself, dabbled a bit in python some time ago. I just dont know how to debug the whole project. Any advice or guides how I can get a dev setup up and running in an IDE (like visual studio)

Please make update such that it doesn’t break support for previous bridges.

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Is LimitlessLED v6 already in development? Or is it still to be picked up?

Sample code die the V6 bridge was published on the LimitlessLED developer site:


I know. Can anybody tell when the new bridge will be implemented?

I’m excited :wink:

I would try it myself but I have zero knowledge of Python. Most unfortunate -.-

The sample windows app for v6 seems to be a good point to start. The app display the UDP command to send for each action, for example:

Send UDP commands to port 5987
Sent: 20 00 00 00 16 02 62 3A D5 ED A3 01 AE 08 2D 46 61 41 A7 F6 DC AF D3 E6 00 00 1E

It seems at first that they now use the same command for RGBW/WW/CW bulb, which should facilitate the work (each type had his set of command on V5 if I understood correctly)

There also seems to be an embedded Web Admin UI in the V6 bridge (http://$IP$/index_en.html user: admin pass: admin), as well as support for MAC address change or fixed IP address setup.
The protocol can also be switch between UDP and TCP.

I could not try out the app yet and have holiday ahead but I might have a look at the implementation of V6 next year.

Except if someone already started the process, nobody can tell when it will come because it seems nobody have started yet (specification where only published on 11/Dec/2016).

I’ve checked in the actual home-assistant code and it uses a python-module for LimitlessLed.
So I guess support will be available after an update is publish for this module:

There is a fork of this repo which should have support. I have v6 box here, and both RGBW, White, and the new RGBWW lamps so I could test it. Until now I didn’t get this specific fork to work (yet)…


Awesome I’ll also have a look and test it when I’m back from holiday.

How can you install this fork to your HA? I’m pretty new to python and home assistant. Thanks!

You’ll have to update the HA module, for now the fork is only concerning the python library used to control limitlessled product.

I installed the limitlessled module (without v6 support). Then I tried to install the version with v6 support using the “setup.py install” command. But HA is still using the old code without v6 support. How can I get the new code to work? Or am I missing something.

You need to installed the forked limitless led by installing from source using pip.
Then you need to change the limitlessled.py file in home-assistant component.

I’ve just started to try the integration in home-assistant, work without problem.
No idea however how the backward-compatibility will be implemented.

Can you control your V6-bridge with home-assistant using these configurations: https://home-assistant.io/components/light.limitlessled/ ?

Maybe you can explain all the steps to integrate the fork in home-assistant? Which changes has to be made in limitlessled.py to get it work? Do you mean ‘/usr/local/lib/python3.4/dist-packages/homeassistant/components/light/limitlessled.py’?

Yes I can but it’s only a development in progress as for now. Don’t expect to use it in your home for now.

There is still some bug and for now the bridge stop responding after a while. But, it’s already a great step and soldag is doing a great job at updating the library.

You need to:

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That sounds really good! Is it necessary to change the port and version in ‘limitlessled.py’? Because you can set these in the configuration-file. Like this:

Great work from soldag! It is unfortunate that there are bugs. Strange that the bridge stops responding. I hope these issues can be solved.

I’m a bit scared to change my current settings if the fork is still not ready to use. Can I install the fork without removing my current lamp settings?

Thank you Touliloup, it is working!

You’ll anyway have to edit limitlessled.py for type bridge-led and rgbww to be supported. But yes default port and version can (should) stay on actual value.