Update notification on Home Assistant Docker

Hi guys. I have a Home Assistant Container. I want to see updates to the Home Assistant interface. When I click on the round arrow icon, I get the message Unable to check for updates. I also learned that there is an Update integration.

This seems to be what I need, but I don’t quite understand how to force ii to show the Home Assistant version.

You want the “version” integration

Dont slect “docker hub” though, it doesnt work. Select “home assistant versions” when setting it up.

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“Thanks for the tip, I’ll use it. Can you confirm if the update integration works for the Home Assistant container?”

Yes it does, i run home assistant container. I selected the generic x86 version and board to track and its been working to report the recent updates.

Where to configure it? When I add version integration I only see those possibilities and non of them have any further configuration.

Select “Home Assistant Versions” to get to the next screen

In next screen I can only choose area

Is it creating the entities? Unfortunately you can’t test until there is a new update the entities are working properly.

What are you running home assistant container on? If an arm based system, like an RPI, that could be why your options are different from my generic-x86 Dell Optiplex.

Yes I am running it on RP4 using Docker. And yes it creates entities OK. I am even able to create entity for docker version and local version. But somehow I was hoping that I would be able to check updates in Setting->System->Uptades with this integration. And possibly to apply updates, but maybe it was just my hopes and dreams :smiley:

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I meant it.

If there is no such feature in Home Assistant Docker, it would be great to suggest adding it

Applying updates from within home assistant requires a supervised version of home assistant (haos or supervised). A container version of home assistant, or any docker container, as far as i know, is not capable of updating itself, from within itself.

I use Portainer- container updates, including home assistant, just involve a few clicks in its UI. I use the stack feature

Then use this to update

However, you can’t use Portainer to update itself, and i still need to use the command line to update Portainer. Still, Portainer updates are not that frequent.

Thank you for your efforts. I understand that I cannot update the Home Assistant container from the Home Assistant interface. My dream is for the Home Assistant Container to automatically display the current and new version of the container from the HA interface (preferably in the update section) without additional integration installation. I agree that installing integration is quite easy. However, it’s easy when you know about its existence.

In mean time I created this setup for updating docker image from within HA. It is ugly and cumbersome to setup (better have some shell script and Cron knowledge) but it looks like working.

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