Update of ESPHome to 1.20.1 fails

I am unable to update to ESPHome 1.20.1 from 1.20.0, logs aren’t very informative:

</s> <s>21-07-28 10:30:21 ERROR (MainThread) [supervisor.jobs] Unhandled exception: '15ef4d2f_esphome'</s> <s>Traceback (most recent call last):</s> <s> File "/usr/src/supervisor/supervisor/jobs/decorator.py", line 105, in wrapper</s> <s> return await self._method(*args, **kwargs)</s> <s> File "/usr/src/supervisor/supervisor/addons/__init__.py", line 265, in update</s> <s> store = self.store[slug]</s> <s>KeyError: '15ef4d2f_esphome'</s> <s>

Is anyone else experiencing this issue or is a problem local to my environment?

Pi 4 running standard Home Assistant install from SSD.

I have plenty of free space (76 GB)

Ignore this - yet another Chrome cache issue. Should have tried clearing cache first off.