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To clarify : -
Is this just for the current ozw 1.4 z wave implementation ? As fishwaldo implied that two methods are being developed for ozw 1.6

This makes it sound like its the ‘only way’, have I got this wrong ?

That’ll be OZW 1.6.

I would expect it to replace the current Z-Wave integration once it’s stable, it doesn’t make sense to keep the old integration around for long at that point. Of course, the old States UI is only just about to go away, so there may be a long overlap :man_shrugging:

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I’m interested in if the Aeotec siren/doorbell 6 would work with this as of now. I will try it out but if anyone gets there first, please do tell :slight_smile:

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Not yet, but it will be soon.


Great news! I bought two for my workplace and was disappointed that they didn’t work as expected right now, so this will be much appreciated. Will definitely help out with testing the custom component.

Already added sensor will still be there after switching to new integration, right (not have to re-add them again)?

Your device pairings are stored on your stick so no worries, you won’t have to recreate your mesh.

Thx, gr8, sounds good

I’ll have to wait for the lock and cover domains before I could really test this out :frowning:

I’ve struggled with z-wave for a while and recently just wiped the stick. Is there a way currently to add devices to the stick?

sorry not a developer, is this integrated in 105? if yes could it be the cause that makes 30% of my z-wave devices changed to “unavailable”? Now rolled back to 104,everything is ok again.

No, it’s not integrated yet, when that happens it’ll be very clearly announced.

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Yes, you add devices to the stick/HA just as you always did.

So if I’m correct this will work more or less the same as zwave2mqtt together with their hass integration via Mqtt?

The problem people are facing now is that the zwave controller restarts when home assistant is restarted. Will this problem be gone with this new integration ? Is the qt-openzwave running as add-on?

That’s not really a problem.

It runs in a separate docker container from what I read.

Both the new methods (According to FishWaldo) will have z wave running in it’s own docker (probably the same one for both) and these will NOT be restarted when HA restarts (But will when you reboot, obviously)
The difference will be how HA communicates with this z wave docker, there may be an additional layer in the MQTT version, but this will allow consistency for current users of MQTT.
For ‘some’ reason the ‘feel’ is that the MQTT version ‘may’ be first out of the gate. But don’t put money on it either way.

I have the “beta version” op and running.
As of today - i can see the Aeotec Siren 6 - all the sensors.
I am however - still not able to make it “ring” from inside HA - and it’s not “fully” detected as an aeotech device yet.

But progress :slight_smile:

br Ronni

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Correct, at this time we’ve only implemented the most basic stuff like (binary) sensors, switches and lights. That part is actually pretty stable already and we’re now moving on into getting the other devicetypes integrated. As the foundation is solid, that should go pretty fast next couple of weeks. Check Github to see our progress and help us with submitting your own mqtt dump of devices.

Hi Marcel.
I can see the pace is fast :love_you_gesture:

As of now - the devices seems fully discovered - and all the sensors are working.
it works stable.

So looking forward to the next step.
i will keep updating to the newest version released.

br Ronni