Update problems 2021.9


My ha is core version (Raspberry 3b/raspbian buster/ ha 2021.8/Python 3.6), after update to 2021.9 some integrations are falling and ha is not full starting.

Any idea?

Regards and thanks.

Do read breaking changes

Are you sure ? HA 2021.8 requires at least Python 3.8.

Tell me the link, please

it has been working with 3.6, till now…

simply check 2021.9.0: More energy, USB discovery, template :heart: - Home Assistant (home-assistant.io)

I’ll check it, thanks

Just checking :

Release notes 0.116 :

Python 3.7 is now deprecated and support will be removed in 0.118

I did not find when support for Python 3.6 was removed.

It’s usually that release, sometimes a few later. I know 3.7 support didn’t actually die until early this year.

Regardless, it’s been 3.8 as a hard minimum for months now.

I,ve installed 3.8.6 with the same success: none :pensive:

Maybe tell what integrations fail and what the log shows.

Hello, no error on logs, they seems to be locked…

Did you then remove the old venv and create a fresh one?

Now may be a good time to consider migrating to Container.

I didn,t… But yes, i.m thinking a a new installation…

Until you recreate the venv it’s still using the old Python install.

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I recreate the venv, but no success.
Maybe i,m doing wrong, i don,t know…
Any web with tutorial?

There are all kinds of web tutorials on creating Python venv, That is how I learned Python.

There are some servers on the Internet that can search for your answers. Try them. If it is not important enough to you for you to search, it is not important enough for us to volunteer our time,

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Just follow the steps in the official install guide?

Failing that see this guide. However, I would just switch to Docker.

I’ll try.

Thank you

I’m using another steps, any way I’ll try these ones.