Update push settings within the Home Assistant iOS app

I have been looking for the setting in the iOS app to “Update push settings”, I’m running version 2021.1.
I reviewed the official doc and found this info below but I still can’t find where it’s actually located in the app. I do remember this button existed in prior versions.

  • When adding or updating push categories in configuration.yaml be sure to update push settings within the Home Assistant iOS app. This can be found within the Notifications page of the App Configuration menu (accessed from the sidebar menu). You may have to exit the Notifications page and reopen it before new categories are shown. If they are still not listed, restart the Home Assistant Companion App.

My issue ultimately is that I can’t see the actions I have setup, I’m getting the messages but no actions. I think the issue is with updating push setting.

These are all the choices I have.

I setup another category in YAML, but it’s not showing up…

“No synced categories” indicates you do not have any yaml-configured notifications. If you share the snippet from your configuration.yaml for them it would be helpful in trying to debug.

If you are not configuring any there, then the categories you’ve configured in-app will still work and do not require any additional action. Sharing an example service call which fails to work with them would be helpful.

You also must expose the actions on the notification by long-pressing it in your lock screen or notification center. The actions do not appear on their own and there is no indication there are any on the message itself.

Figured out the issue with the actions. I have 2 instance of the ios: in my configuation.yaml file (because I had copied the text from somewhere to setup the mobile_app: section) and that was messing it up. Thanks for the help, once it started working, I see how the “Synced Categories” is supposed to work now.