Update: Rheem EcoNet - "Power Usage Today" for Energy Panel

When trying to add sensor.heat_pump_water_heater_power_usage_today to the Energy Dashboard I’m unable to do so because it doesn’t contain long term statistics.

EcoNet Integration

@w1ll1am23 I believe you wrote the EcoNet integration, if you’re able to fine tune this sensor.

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From my understanding the integration will report the hourly usage of a device. This case the water heater. Would it be possible to calculate it that way? I’m not too familiar with sensor customization in Home Assistant.

However I do think it’s a limitation of the data that Rheem makes available not an integration issue.

I managed to get this working today. Added the below to my customize.yaml

  device_class: energy
  state_class: total_increasing

It did take awhile for everything to show up in the graphs but I think that’s normal