Update sensor location even if app closed

Hi everyone, I’ve been tinkering with home assistant location sensor and I was wondering if there was any way in android to force home assistant to update sensor data even if the app is closed from the app view. Maybe some way to force keep open or something like that? Thanks!

There’s a “Background location” setting in the Companion App settings.

I have that on but it doesn’t update the geocoded location if I close the app from the recent apps menu. Should I be looking at some other type of location? I currently have only a couple of location based automations but they don’t trigger if app isn’t in the recent menu. I only found the “geocoded location” maybe that’s what I should change?

Have you turned off any power saving features in your phone?

Indeed I have. I tried all troubleshoot, deleted all data from the app and cache. Reinstalled the app, I’m going a bit nuts trying to figure out why it won’t update

I had a lot of trouble with mine as well. It seems to be working at the moment (the result of trial and error) - the sensors I have enabled in the companion app are:

  • Geocoded location
  • Background location
  • Location Zone
  • Single accurate location

Sensor update frequence is normal (every 15 min). The app has location permissions in the phone settings.

I have a similar issue with an android phone using the companion app. The only difference is family link is installed to restrict the device. However, the sensor location changes to home in HA is the screen is off, the companion app is closed and even if the phone is off.

Location is always on and no permisson can be removed from the Companion app. Then i ensures all the sensor states matched my working devices.

Any ideas where i can look to see why HA keeps changing the location back to home when away? I habe to believe Family Link is somehow involved here