Update states from esp8266 milight hub doesnt go through

Hi !

Been trying to get HASS to update stateof a switch from my esp8266_milight hub without success. Can someone help me here ? I can control milight bulbs from HASS and from remote, but when i use remote, state in HASS doesnt get updated … Below is my configs and such

Remote is this : https://www.ebay.com/itm/Milight-Led-Panel-2-4G-wireless-4-Zone-RF-dimmer-Touch-Panel-rgb-led-Controller-/302353448837?var=&hash=item0

I have B4 working from HASS, but i dont get status updates to HASS when switching from B4. Im using RGBW since sniffer says RGBW. ( My bulb is FUT014 RGBW in other MiLight product catalog and FUT014 RGB_CCT on other .. confusing :)

Below is my setup for it :

  - platform: mqtt
    name: 'Henna Light'
    state_topic: "milight/states/0x15BF/rgbw/1"
    command_topic: "milight/0x15BF/rgbw/1"
      # platform: mqtt
      schema: json
      color_temp: true
      rgb: true
      brightness: true

**This is what MQTT broker sees when operated ZONE1 from B4 switch :**


**From milight-hub sniffer :**

rgbw packet received (7 bytes):
Request type  : B0
Device ID     : 5567
b1            : 74
b2            : 01
b3            : 03
Sequence Num. : 95
rgbw packet received (7 bytes):
Request type  : B0
Device ID     : 5567
b1            : 74
b2            : 01
b3            : 04
Sequence Num. : 94

**Milight-HUB MQTT :**


Author of the milight hub says, according to MQTT string, im receiving the updates, but from there, it aint going to the switch created in HASS ?