Update to 0.65.1 broke my instance

I upgraded to 0.65.1 from a fully working 0.64.3 installation. Now, my device tracker report not_home instead of Away, I don’t have state history for anything (report “No state history found”), the left menu miss the Overview and Logout text, etc…

Bascially, I think my installation is completely borked from what was a working one.

Any ideas?

Device tracker has always been not_home for the state, Away is just how it’s presented in the frontend. If it’s not displaying correctly then maybe submit a bug report.

State history is possibly database issue with the upgrade, any errors?

The last one just needs you to refresh the browser.

Best ‘idea’ is to not make mountains from mole-hills :wink:

I am not making moutain but I already tried all you said. Even a new browser in Incognito mode, still all the same.

I even dropped my mysql database to restart from scratch, still the same.

I also must add that my home-assistant.log show nothing on startup and after.

Had the same issue, surprisingly a ctrl+F5 solved the issue for me.

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Ok, 0.65.2 fix everything for me, back to normal!

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