Update to 2021.1.1 broken the Home Assistant

Happy new year everyone,

After upgrading to Home Assistant version 2021.1.1 I have stuck with the UI not loading. However I
All the automations, plugins and add ones are appeared to be working. Biggest challenge is now I have no control over anything as I can access the system via UI.

I am on Docker image on ASUS Tinkerboard.

Is anyone else facing similar issue?

Do you have the Samba extension from supervisor installed? If so navigate to \\yourHASS\config, delete the homeassistant.db2 and restart.

Yes… Let me try removing the samba and restarting.

No don’t remove samba. Just delete the database and restart.

Ok copied… rushing too much

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Is homeassistant.db2 located elsewhere? Checked my config folder /use/share/hassio/homeassistant/ and could not locate the database.

On mine it’s in /root/config

Searched in system and could not found any file name with extension .db2

Able to investigate further and come to a conclusion that for some reason HTTPS is broken, I can logon using http://ipaddress:8123

Any help will be appreciated, I am using DuckDNS and NGINX as an SSL proxy.

thanks checked mine and its /usr/share/hassio/homeassistant