Update to 2022.11.2 Fails

It is Odroid N2 instlaltion so it runs with supervisor directly on eMMC.

Just tried to update to 2022.12.0b1 I guess this isn’t fixed.

Is it that 2022.11.0 is broken, and the only solution non-docker installs have is to do a full restore?

EDIT: read the entire post and installing the Community SSH & Web Terminal add on to get access to run the scripts.

Update: looks like with 2022.11.0 I can’t install anything - factory reset - hear I come

@Betty-G Well you’ve already been banned from the forum, then blatantly made another account so as to continue grumbling.

That much is clear.

Thanks for the link. I’ve just followed the hard reset instructions and I’m running into errors again. Despite my core version being 2022.10.5 before the reset, my supervisor version was actually already at 2022.11.2 and that version is still causing me errors. Upon the hard reset, that version is still my Supervisor version.

Not sure if there have been updates in another thread since all of this but now I have no HA at all since I can’t even install add-ons or restore from a backup.

Same problem …
Core and Supervisior are stuck on installing
Other apps updates can be installed.
HomeAssistant is in startup state
Add-ons don’t start automatically but I can start them manually
I am using HA on Raspberry


New user. Installed HA a year ago and never had any issues with it. Then I noticed my z-wave integration stopped and I ended up in the endless update loop.

I was on beta channel, then changed back to release channel, but it’s not resolved. Ran the manual CLI update which said it was successful, but the issue is still there.

I’m willing to try other fixes, or doing a reset and loading a backup configuration, but I don’t know how to find information on either.