Update to 2024.3.3 on RPi 4 won't come back online

Initiated upgrade from 2024.3.1 to 2024.3.3, but HA not back online after an hour. It shows up in my router, but it is not responding to calls neither through Nabu Casa account nor locally.

I have tried to hard reboots (power off → on) of my RPi 4, but still no cigar! Has the update gone wrong or do I just need to wait longer?

Edit: Just after creating this topic it finally came back online, but still on 2024.3.1.

Edit 2: Tried a new update, hasn’t worked still although leaving it alone for 4 hours.


I’m having the same issue. Same hardware. Between this and losing all my energy data when upgrading to 2024.3.1, I’m really sad with HA updates this month.

I am back to square one. After hard rebooting HA once more it is back on 2024.3.1.

I did nothing different, but on my 4th attempt it finally worked. However, the new drag-and-drop feature seems not to be present on my system.