Update to 83.1 fails with 'database requires upgrade' log

I’m on 82.1, trying to upgrade to 83.1
Update does not succeedes. After the usual few minutes it takes to upgrade and reload, it comes back as 82.1
(tried twice)

after restart, just this two logs:
Database requires upgrade. Schema version: 7
Ended unfinished session (id=227 from 2018-11-30 23:33:02.690927)

Try the following through SSH, hassio ha update --options version=0.83.1

Or 0.83.2 now.

Also try deleting the database and restarting.

Good point.

I am in the same boat. Did you got it resolved?

with an empty database it works. But I can’t (well, i’d like not to) lose my past years of data. It’s one of the main reasons i’m using ha.
I’ve read they were applying an index. my db is big and maybe is timing out. do yo know where is the script that gest executed for the migration?

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not being able to upgrade might be a bless

I renamed my database file and restarted and the update still didn’t work - same error.

I have the same issue and tried the updated via ssh
hassio homeassistant update --options version=0.83.2
The command finished with “ok” but the update failed again with the DB schema error

Any suggestions?

Just to confirm that I’m having exactly the same issue.
Have tried all the suggestion listed, to no avail.

An update.
I did upgrade to 0.83.0b0 initially, but had to revert to 0.82 due to auth problems.

I just tried again with ‘hassio update -i version=0.83.0b0’ and that worked just fine (apart from the same auth problems as before).

I then tried to upgrade further from 0.83.0b0, but that falis in the same way as trying to upgrade from 0.82.

So something happended after 0.83.0b0 that cause the updates to fail.

Edit: I can also update to 0.83.0b1, but 0.83.0b3 fails. So something changed between those two

Thanks for your hint, I realized there’s a lot of owntracks changes: https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant/compare/0.83.0b1...0.83.0b3

After removing the owntracks device tracker from configuration.yaml the update worked for me via the GUI :slight_smile:

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Yes, I can confirm that removing owntracks solves the upgrade problem.

I see this is discussed further in this issue: https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant/issues/18809
The initial report is that the UI does not load, but I guess that is due to people not waiting the full 10-15 minutes it takes for HomeAssistant to fail the upgrade and revert back to the initial (pre-update) version.

Worked for me also - thanks!!!