Update to Core 2024.5.3 fails to restart when Aeotec Z-Wave dongle plugged in

Updated HA OS 12.3 on RPi3 from Core 2024.4.4 to 2024.5.3
System doesn’t restart with Z-Wave dongle plugged in
Remove dongle and it loads.

Reloaded 2024.4.4 from partial backup (didn’t have full backup - duh)
and it still won’t run with dongle plugged in

Anyone else seen similar?

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I’m seeing the same thing with my system. Since updating, it won’t start when I have my USB stick plugged in… super frustrating, did you find any answers?

These are the kinds of messages I’m seeing when I try to boot it up with my zwave stick plugged in

Do you both have rPi 3’s? I use the same dongle on my system but’s under VMWare. I do still have a rPi in my RV for another week or so, I’ll see if it breaks when I update, but it’s a 4B 8GB.

Yep rPi 3! So bizarre. I’m surprised I’m not seeing more people with this issue.

Looks like there are various issues logged on GitHub

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Dang idk why I didn’t check the OS update issues… This is the problem. There’s no fix yet, so I just downgraded back to OS 12.2 and everything works again. I’ll keep an eye on this to see if that fix rolls in.

Thanks for catching this

As suggested I “updated” to OS 12.2 and it all works again

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