Update to Hassos 4 bricked <strike>Pi</strike> Sd-card

one of my Ha instances noticed supervisor stating an update to the Hassos software from 3.13 to 4 was available, so I clicked the update button.

result: a bricked Pi Sd-card. @pvizeli what could be at hand? Is there a way to revert this? cant reach the instance in any way, not even over samba or ssh

Very unlikely a software update bricked your Pi. Did you try already with a raspbian image ? If this works, your Pi is not bricked at all, just your OS.

tried to re-image the sd, and it wont work. the card probably is corrupted and Etcher cant get it to rewrite.

Then you have a bricked SD-card, not a bricked Pi.

Not much of a brick, more likely a very small shim

so sorry for the confusion…edited OP.