Update to latest core caused major issues with HACS

Tried updating to latest core from 2021.11.2 and wow did it hose my install! I think the main problem is HACS did not transfer over to upgrade causing most of my integrations to not load. I did a full backup(thank gawd) and restored and looks to be ok but would like to update the core. Anyone have any ideas what i can do to fix issue with the update and HACS?

Here all upgrades went ok without issues…

Is your HACS the latest version ?

Integration version: 1.18.0
Frontend version: 20211128181314
Repositories: 924
Downloaded repositories: 45

HACS installs custom components. You actually don’t need HACS for those components to run.
Whatever issue you had, it’s unlikely to be due to HACS.

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can you check your logs for errors?

Logs showed basically everything I had setup with HACS failed to load and hacs was not on side bar so after doing a lot of reading I should have rebooted again and that maybe would have fixed it? I’ll try update again tonight and see if it works better now that I know I can always restore! Funny how you take Hone assistant for granted until it is down :slight_smile:

Hey, listen previous comments, hacs is about installing and updating custom integrations, if they are already installed, you should not be worried if hacs is failing or not, existing custom components will work fine.

well reboot wont work after i tried updating core again i get this error trying to reboot:

Failed to restart Home AssistantCore

The system cannot restart because the configuration is not valid: Integration error: garbage_collection - Integration ‘garbage_collection’ not found. Integration error: pyscript - Integration ‘pyscript’ not found. Platform error sensor.bhyve - Integration ‘bhyve’ not found. Integration error: bhyve - Integration ‘bhyve’ not found. Platform error switch.bhyve - Integration ‘bhyve’ not found.

This is basically everything i have installed in HACS. I cant even find anywhere i can try reinstalling hacs either. very strange

You can install all these custom components manually, no need for HACS

First, maybe check if you still have the “custom_components” folder at all, and what’s inside.

@koying yes i have the folder and it lists all the Hacs integrations inside it

Maybe problem is i updated frontend before core?

Integration version: 1.18.0
Frontend version: 20211128181314
Repositories: 923
Downloaded repositories: 20

Not necessarily recommend this to everyone, but if I have this problem, I would nuke that custom_components folder, restart core, and start testing those custom components - one by one style.

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So i renamed custom_components folder to old_custom_components then i could install HACS again. then reinstalled the few integrations i have in HACS and seems to work now!

So was very odd but hope this helps someone having same issue as me in future. Still trying to find what issue was BUT could have been Alexa Media Player as i have not re-installed that yet in HACS

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When you use HACS to install an integration. Does it automatically show in HA for you to configure? I can’t get mine to show up.

Once you install from HACS you then got to install it from integrations as normal. Search integrations for your integration you installed from hacs