Update To Latest Release Broke Companion App

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I’m not sure where to stick this because i’m not sure where the problem truly originates. Everything was working fine until after I updated. Now when attempt to access Home Assistant from my phone, it hangs and loads for eternity. The loading circle shows endlessly. This is for the main overview page. I am still able to click the sidebar and click pages such as “develper tools”, “Configuration”, “Hass.io” and so forth. Its just the main page, the one with all of my Lovelace stuff. The only change I ever made that resulted in this break was updating to 0.99.3

This occurs no matter if i’m connected to my local wifi or not. I use Nabu Casa for remote access. I get this error in my logs any time I attempt to connect through the app on my phone:

https://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.ui.nabu.casa/frontend_latest/chunk.50df245c618076611dbb.js:2005:0 SyntaxError: Unexpected token '...'. Expected a property name.

I changed my actual nabu casa link to Xs in this error code because I don’t think that’s a good idea to post on here…

Ive googled every part of that log message and the only semblance I can find relates to lovelace cards I believe, or best I can tell with my limited understanding from reading forum posts with snippets of that error. I haven’t found a single result from the error message as a whole(minus the personal nabu casa URL and that “chunk” bit). I thought “token” had to do with some type of cookie system that HA uses, and “js” has to do with java script. “/frontend_latest/” makes me think it has to do with lovelace. I thought “SyntaxError” has to do with a bad command string…

Are you using the iphone app (v1.5 or v2.0b?) or a web browser on any phone?

I am using the regular iphone app v1.5

I’ve tried resetting the app and even uninstalling and reinstalling. Im starting to believe the issue has to do more with home assistant itself, because it also doesn’t load on a mobile browser platform either.

I observe similar problem as mentioned by DeRock89.
It started in version 0.99.2. My upgrade to 0.99.3 did not fix it.

The problem appears on iPhone / iPad only.
No problem on other devices.
It happens when using chrome or safari browser.

This is observed:

  1. The lovelace pages do not show at all. The spinner continues to run endlessly.
  2. When going to settings/integration, the list of configured devices is shown. But when clicking any (z-wave devices, or own track entities) of them, nothing happens.
  3. When clicking on the user icon (bottom of the menu): same issue.

Each time, it results in the following message in the developer tools/logs: SyntaxError: Unexpected token '...'. Expected a property name.
8:04 PM components/system_log/__init__.py (ERROR)

When doing the same on other devices (macbook or pc) , there is no problem. It opens the windows as expected. I did not test on android devices.

Note that there is no problem with using the regular hassio menu items and entries from the development menu like events, services, …

This problem did not exist before 0.99.2.

What should I do to get rid of this limitation on apple mobile devices?

I found out that my iPad was on old iOS version.
Upgrade to 13 fixed the problem!

No it does not for me. I got several iPads on iOS<13.0 and the weird thing is that only one iPad shows this behaviour. It does not load the page. The other iPad does… Same browsers, nearly empty hass installation.