Update to Zigbee2mqtt (addon) 1.14.4 - all zigbee entities are screwed up


Updated both my two HA installations yesterday to Z2M v from 1.14.3 to 1.14.4.
After this, all my zigbee entities are marked unavailable in Dev-Tools.

Also, they changed entity id from light.0x123… to the friendly_name.

Watching the log of z2m, all seems ok.
Watching the mqtt info using MQTT-Explorer, it all seems ok.

Anybody with same issue and a solution?

This behavior was documented in the 1.14.4 release notes.



Yes I fianlly noticed it. I did read the release notes before installing, but obviously just scrolled roughly through it (my bad).

With all due respect to the author - this major change in a minor update?

All history are now gone in the database. When I realized what had happen, I just had to clean all mqtt retentions, reload z2m and all new entities did appear - then the huuuuge job of changing 80+ entity_id’s in lovelace, scripts, automations, lights… well you get the drift :rofl:

Hi, may i know how do you clear the mqtt retentions? Mind to provide some steps?

I have just migrated my HA from RPi3 to RPi4 and I’m still running v1.10.1 z2m. From the z2m changelog, it stated the latest version has explicit support for armv7. I’m still thinking whether should i upgrade it since my existing v1.10.1 seems is working fine in RPi4.

Thanks in advance.

Personally, I use MQTT Explorer for doing this. If this is the ‘correct’ way or not, I’m not sure. You can also choose to not retain messages by default.

Main reason to upgrade for Zigbee2Mqtt is always the added compatibility with devices, and the bug fixes.

And the new integrated frontend coming :slight_smile:

1.15.0 released with the built-in frontend

Question on the entity id change, once you updated the zigbee2mqtt, does the old entity id (light.0x123…) got removed itself from HA? Or it just create new entity for same device with friendly name?

The old ones was replaced, meaning you will have to change all entity names within your yaml’s. So yes, all 0x123… was removed.

Thanks for the reply. I’m still at v1.10.0 which is pretty old version. I’m still thinking whether should i go for the update as renaming all the entities in UI and automation is kinda nightmare.

I have 70+ devices, took me an hour. Just do it :slight_smile:

Is anyone of you encountering devices intermittent connection issues whenever you restart the host or restart the zigbee2mqtt addon? Although they will recover over days but just feel bit annoying at first few days upon restart.

I’m running an older zigbee2mqtt with v1.10.1. Not sure if it’s the problem.

My experience is this but only after updating especially the firmware of the controller. Easy fix are to flush mqtt messages, then it all updates in minutes (battery driven devices are slower as they may report like once an hour/on updates only).

Thanks for the reply. May I know is there anyway to flush all messages at one go? Also, I’m not using the retained message option. Do you think flushing message will still helps?