Update value of a platform: intergration

Hi All,

I have created some integrations like below:

- platform: integration
  source: sensor.dishwasher_watt
  name: "Total dishwasher kWh"
  unit_prefix: k
  round: 2

This because my Neo Coolcam kHw values goes into negative when restart HA.

How can I update the intergration value?

Now it shows 1,8 kWh. But in real since I use the neo cool cam wall switches the usage is already 208,88 kWh. I want update the intergration so it have the correct usage.

In the


I see the sensor and the value. Can I stop HA change this value and start HA again? (HAOS 6.6)

If you feed the energy sensor to a utility meter there are calibration and reset services available (if you set at least one tariff).


I stopped the docker oh homeassistant and updated the core.restore file.

Start docker homeassistant and the values are ok now :slight_smile: