Update zone position dynamically

I have a zone and sometimes I would like to update it with a new location using the latitude and longitude from a template sensor.
Is this possible?
If so how?

I am also interested in a possibility to edit zones by some service.
Do not see any info about it in Docs.
There is only a way to edit “home” zone - here.

There is a service called zone.reload.
I wonder if I could use this?
Just need to have a zone defined in configuration.yaml based on a sensor. But then would that not just always reload automatically?
Then I wonder what zone.reload is for??

Never heard about “zone.reload” service.
Probably it reloads zones defined in yaml.
But you wanted to to define zones based on template sensors (if I understood you properly).

Just found out that it is not possible to define a zone on a template sensor.