Updated Devices in smart things to home assistant

Hello, Greetings!
I have just updated my smart things with some a lot of sensors and switches so my smart things is already be installed in Home Assistant but in smart things which is already is in home assistant the devices which are added in past is still in smart thing (Home Assistant) but I just updated my smart things with newly devices but that newly devices cannot showing in home assistant (smart thing plugging).
why it is not showing do I uninstall the smart thing from home assistant and then install it back so that I can see the updated devices?
or what I can do so that I can see my updated devices in home assistant?

Please guide me in this regards:

Did you restart Home Assistant? The docs say

Entities automatically synchronized upon restart of Home Assistant when changed in SmartThings.

not yet so I have to restart the home assistant?

That seems to be what the docs are saying.

I have restarted the home assistant but it not added why?

We’ll need more info. As you are new here and might have missed the instructions, here they are How to help us help you - or How to ask a good question