Updated HASSOS and Rpi4 Won't Boot From USB Anymore

Has anyone noticed that the latest version of HASSOS has prevented their RPI4 from booting up? I’ve configured my RPI4 a few months ago to boot from a samsung 64GB USB 3.1 thumb drive. Its been working great, but after this recent update to the home assistant operating system the rpi4 will no longer boot. The Red light stays on and the green light will flicker very quickly and then remain dark.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Does anyone know how I can best get it to boot up again without having to reimage the thumb drive?

Still.working here with latest HA OS

Dang, well it looks like my USB thumb drive might have died as I just flashed another drive with HASS OS and it booted up no problem. No I need to figure out if I can recover my configuration from it as I also just found out that the google drive addon wasn’t properly working…poop!