Updated my Stevenson Screen - perhaps this one won't fall off!

Finally got around to updating my Stevenson Screen from last summer after I discovered a couple of flaws - namely, it melted when ambient temperatures in the UK hit 40C! I also had problems with the previous positioning, where it would be heavily influenced by convected heat rising from the very warm, dark surface of the garden shed. The new one is ABS-printed and mounted significantly higher so I hope will be less skewed in hot weather, but I’ll need to wait a few months to experience anything approaching warm over here.

Construction is all 3d printed using a mix of custom bits and parts from thingiverse, with an old bit of plastic conduit that may or may not bend in the summer and may or may not need to be replaced with something better. To be confirmed!

Sensor is a standard one-wire DS18B20 sensor and ESPHome, so nothing worth sharing there. Next job will be a wind direction sensor and anemometer!

Old position:

New position: