Updated Open Z-Wave?


Been doing home automation since X10 in the 90s and now have a home full of Z-Wave devices on SmartThings but it’s not flexible enough. Software Engineer by day.

How do I update hassio to the latest OpenZWave from GitHub? How can I see what version of OpenZWave is packaged into the latest hassio? I’m assuming hassio is using OpenZWave to map Z-Wave devices to useful entities right? Added two sensors and they exploded into 10+ sensorxxxx and HankXYZ123 entities so I assume I need a later OpenZWave version?


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Did you find a way to find the version number?

Just booting up HA (Actually HassIO now) for the third time in 12 months and I have the same question. I will probably create a HassIO plugin to show more OZW info if I don’t figure it out. How about you?