Updated png files in www directory not shown

I’ve updated some png files in the www directory that are shown in floorplan. Regrettably these updated png files are not shown. Instead the earlier pics are shown. Could these older png files be in a database and somehow not being updated?
I’ve rebooted and verified the png files via winscp.
Any ideas?

did u check if they are cached in the front end client? try opening in the browser and clearing the page cache?

I’m using the HA app on iOS. Is it possible there too?

yes. mobile apps use a webview that is essentially a web browser. I’m not familiar enough with iOS to answer how to clear cash on iOS though

If you find you just cannot get the browsers to clear the cache then you can also solve the problem by adding ?v=1 to the end of your image name in your rule.

Thanks, that seems to have done the trick.

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