Updated to 2021.11.02 and now everything's broken

Just updated to 2021.11.02.
All the integrations say: NOT LOADED.

Trying to restart the server and getting: HomeAssistantError: The system cannot restart while a database upgrade is in progress.

What on earth?
What can I do?

Wait till the database upgrade is done ?


The log doesn’t even mention any database upgrade. Seems like it’s doing nothing at all.
Where can I track the status of the upgrade?

For me it took long time after upgrade (15min) to reload all integration after restart; dont know what happent, but now everything works ok.

2h later, it’s doing something but still cannot reboot.
What a horrible quality of upgrading.

Is there any way to check what it’s actually doing?
Integrations are not loaded, seems to be idle or whatever.

Docker console also not stating a lot.

check the HA logs, and waht version did you update from?

@dshokouhi Thanks for the reply. But nothing in there that’s saying anything about my integrations.
I jumped for 2021.09 something, cannot clearly remember.

It’s never been this slow in booting up to be fair.

database updates can take some time, everyones database is different so you may just need to wait for it to finish. Normally the HA team will mention this in the blog post so its possible you missed it since you are not sure which version you updated from. the logs are a good indication of where things are at.

Multiple integrations are broken:

  • Nest thermostat times out
  • Google calendar times out
  • Takes ages to boot HA to operational
  • Dashboards are often taking really long to load

I wish there was an easy rollback.

There is, restore from backup.

Ah, yes you are going to be waiting a LONG time.
There have been multiple database upgrades since then. Some of them take a LONG time, especially if the database is >2GB. There is no point rolling back, the database changes need to happen at some point, you can’t get around it.


Did the problem solve itself by waiting for the database upgrade ?
I’m having the same problem, on a raspberry 3, been waiting since last night, I’m afraid it’s just stuck :cold_sweat:

It will take sometime bro… you should upgrade to use mySQL or Postgres for the improvement

No, but it did improve like the others said.
It “silently” works through all the integrations.

The boot times on this release are seriously slow, it’s horrible.
Furthermore most of my integrations are broken now.

I’m reconsidering a clean install.